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"Nemesis"  Traxxas Rustler Custom Built by J.P.

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a shot of my buggy head on!Pro line m2 bowties all around help me get around the track fasteri dremeled out my chassis to cool off my batteries and esc. it also makes it much lighter!i even dremeled out the x-s plastik in the a arms. they are still sturdy, trust me!i shaved off an inch or two off the motor housing and installed a generic heat sinkUltimate suspension. put two custom made shocks in place of the tie bars

i made the shocks with rustler housings and 4-tec pistonsthe custom shocks allow for variable camber. it really grips the track nice.this is what happens when a 4-tec and a rustler colide head on at 30 mphproperly glued tires dont wobble

novak dually esc

trinity topaz

or orion chrome stock

slipper clutch

 pro line aggitator rims

pro line road rage 2's

itz racing cells with deans connectors

rpm bearing carriers

generic heat sink

parma y2k bug body

custom built suspension, including big bore shocks

and t/a firm springs

customized chassis

hpi adjustable body mounts

1 smashed bulkhead because i am lazy and didnt solder the caps on the motor.